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The 20 for 20 Collective

Twenty lesser-known cancer charities have never come together like this before. It is a first.

As a collective we are concerned for the future. On the backdrop of the pandemic, cancers are going undiagnosed, treatment is interrupted, and patients need our support now more than ever.

Cancer doesn’t stop for Covid.

The Collective is made up of charities supporting patients with blood cancer, bone and soft tissue cancers, brain tumor cancers, childhood cancers and many more lesser known cancers. With your help, people right across the UK will benefit.

When setting up your JustGiving page, you can either pick your single chosen charity from the 20 charities below or fundraise for all of them through The Collective. Thank you for helping raise awareness and funds for our causes.

The Collective

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Please note that Sarcoma UK is collecting the all funds for The Collective as stated in the signed agreement between all 20 charities.

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ALK Positive UK

ALK Positive lung cancer is a rare and relatively unknown form of lung cancer caused by the abnormal rearrangement of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene. Founded in 2018, our purposes are to provide support and advocacy and to improve the overall survival and quality of life of ALK positive lung cancer patients across the United Kingdom.  We are recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as an organisation to be consulted on new ALK positive treatments. Find out more here: or email:


Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) is considered a rare cancer, although it is the second most common primary liver cancer worldwide. However, because it is so difficult to diagnose accurately and early, cholangiocarcinoma is often advanced by the time of diagnosis and so surgery, currently the only potential cure, is not an option. Fewer than 5% will survive one year from diagnosis. AMMF is dedicated to raising awareness, providing information to those who need it, either individually or via our informative website, and supporting research into the causes, better diagnostic tests and more effective treatments for this devastating disease. Find out more here: or email:

BOOM Foundation

The Boom Foundation is the only charity in Northern Ireland supporting local sarcoma patients and their families.  All money raised by Boom is split between practical help and vital research with 50% remaining in NI to be used for the benefit of sarcoma patients in NI, whilst the remaining 50% of our funds are sent to Sarcoma UK to try to achieve the best possible standard of treatment and care for patients with sarcoma.  Boom is privileged to be working closely with health professionals in NI which means that we provide support in the right way to patients and their families. Find out more here: or email:

Brain Tumour Research

Brain Tumour Research: Our vision is to find a cure for brain tumours. Brain tumours are indiscriminate; they can affect anyone at any age. What’s more, they kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer... yet historically just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease. Brain Tumour Research is determined to change this. Find out more here: or email:

Cancer 52

Cancer 52 represents nearly 100 predominantly small patient support group cancer charities united by their vision of seeing a better future for everyone affected by the rare and less common cancers, which account for more than half of all cancer deaths in the UK. Its aim is to promote improved diagnosis, treatment and support for those affected by rare and less common cancers. Cancer 52 works on matters that impact on the rare and less common cancer community – defined as all cancers outside the ‘big four’ of breast, prostate, lung and bowel. Find out more here: or email:

Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group

Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) is a leading national charity and expert voice for all childhood cancers. Our network of dedicated professional members work together in treatment, care and research to help shape a future where all children with cancer survive and live happy, healthy and independent lives. We fund and support innovative world-class research and collaborate, both nationally and internationally, to drive forward improvements in childhood cancer. Our award-winning information resources help lessen the anxiety, stress and loneliness commonly felt by families, giving support throughout the cancer journey. Find out more here: or email:


Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer. For many, a blood stem cell donation from a matching donor represents their best, and sometimes only, chance of beating this devastating disease. At DKMS our aim is to register as many potential donors as possible as we believe that no blood cancer patient should die because they are unable to find a match. Find out more here: or email:

GIST Cancer UK

GIST Cancer UK (GCUK) is the only charity in the UK focusing solely on Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours (GIST), a rare cancer which starts in the digestive system.  The charity's purpose is to improve treatments and ultimately find a cure for GIST whilst supporting patients & carers and raising awareness among the medical community & general public of this devastating disease.  The charity is run by a group of volunteers who are mainly patients and carers.  Find out more here: or email:

Heartburn Cancer UK

Heartburn Cancer UK was founded by Mimi McCord following the tragic death of her husband Michael, aged just 47.  His death, like many, was preventable. Michael suffered from heartburn for many years.  Had the dangers been understood, the outcome might have been very different.  59% of oesophageal cancer cases are preventable.  HCUK raise awareness of the link between persistent heartburn and having oesophageal cancer or a pre-cancerous condition called Barrett’s oesophagus.  We support sufferers, their loved ones and provide information to the public and medical profession.  8000 die from oesophageal cancer every year in the UK, 22 every day.  Find out more: or email:

It's in the Bag

It’s in the Bag Cancer Support is a charity providing support for men with testicular cancer in the South West. It is run by a group of testicular cancer survivors with support from specialist NHS staff. It provides social events, courses and information. They have three aims: to offer support both to men and their families from diagnosis to survival, and the healthcare professional teams looking after them; to raise awareness of the disease with the aim to save lives; and survival. Testicular cancer (germ cell) is 98% curable and the charity also offers volunteering opportunities. Find out more: or email:

Lymphoma Research Trust

The Lymphoma Research Trust funds research into the treatment of lymphoma and makes grants to medical researchers who organise clinical trials. The clinical trials assess whether new treatments work better than existing ones, and test different combinations of treatments to see which are most effective. The information gained from these trials improves our knowledge of lymphoma and enables patients to be treated more effectively. Recent grants include £82,947, for a lymphoma clinical trials fellow. This fellow will play a vital role in supporting the haematology trials group and the CR UK and UCL Cancer Trials Centre. Find out more here: or email:

MDS UK Patient Support Group

MDS UK Patient Support Group is a charity born in 2008 to raise awareness of Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) a rare blood cancer where the bone marrow fails to produce healthy blood cells. We offer support and information to patients and families and campaign to increase the quality of life and make treatments available to those affected by MDS. We have also recently funded our first research project to improve treatment for the disease. Find out more here: or email:

Mesothelioma UK

Mesothelioma UK is a national specialist resource centre, specifically for the asbestos-related cancer, Mesothelioma. The charity is dedicated to providing specialist information, support and education, and to improving care and treatment for all UK mesothelioma patients and their carers. The charity integrates into NHS front line services to ensure specialist mesothelioma nursing is available at the point of need. This is achieved through a growing network of specialist mesothelioma nurses, regionally based in NHS hospitals but funded by Mesothelioma UK. Find out more or email:

Myeloma UK

Myeloma UK is the only UK organisation focused on changing the lives of patients with the incurable blood cancer myeloma and its related conditions.  We represent the 24,000 people in the UK with myeloma and work to drive better outcomes for patients through research, treatment access, early diagnosis, healthcare services improvement, and information and support programmes. Find out more here: or email:

Pancreatic Cancer Action

Pancreatic Cancer Action is the only charity that specifically focuses on improving pancreatic cancer outcomes through early diagnosis. Our mission is to improve survival rates of pancreatic cancer by ensuring more people are diagnosed early and that everyone has access to effective treatments, support, information and care. Find out more here: or email:

Solving Kids Cancer

Solving Kids’ Cancer is a huge-hearted, child-focussed, and family-led charity that supports children affected by the childhood cancer neuroblastoma, and their families. Neuroblastoma is an often-aggressive childhood cancer, which affects around 100 children every year in the UK. Solving Kids’ Cancer fights for a future where no child dies of the childhood cancer neuroblastoma or suffers due to its treatment. We do this by: providing hope, information and support to families throughout their journeys; facilitating access to treatment in partnership with clinicians and researchers; advancing science through investment and clinical research and advocating for more effective and less toxic treatments. Find out more here: or email:

Target Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer can be devastating. It kills 11 women every day in the UK where survival rates are among the worst in Europe. But there is hope – Target Ovarian Cancer. As the UK’s leading ovarian cancer charity we improve early diagnosis, fund life-saving research and provide much-needed support to women with ovarian cancer. We’re the only charity fighting ovarian cancer on all three of these fronts, across all four nations of the UK. We work with women, family members and health professionals to ensure we target the areas that matter most for those living and working with ovarian cancer. Find out more here: or email:


WMUK is the only charity in the UK focused solely on Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia (WM), a rare type of blood cancer. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and survival of people with WM by providing support, and ultimately finding a cure. We are a partnership of WM doctors and patients in the UK working together to improve the treatment and care of people with WM. Our work is focused on four transformational areas: accurate diagnosis and high-quality care, personalised information and support, research that matters to patients and access to new treatments. Find out more here: or email:

Takeda UK

We are delighted that Takeda UK is our headline sponsor for the 20 for 20 campaign.  Takeda staff and their family and friends will be actively taking part in this unique event. All funds raised from Takeda will be distributed to support The collective 20 Charities. Takeda staff click here to sign up now.